Web Design & Development

Responsive Approach to Mobile Devices

Every day more people access the internet through mobiles and tablets.

Ofcom* said that just over half of adults now use a smartphone, up from 27% just two years ago. The number of tablet owners has more than doubled too, from 11% to 24% in a year. *(01/08/2013)

Our approach to web design is to produce sites that look good on every device available aswell, of course, on PCs and laptops. We use CSS and javascript to make sure that the design 'collapses' and transforms to fit whatever device is being used to access the website.

If you access the internet on your mobile you already know how frustrating it is viewing a website that is just a minature, unreadable version of how you see the site on your PC. Text is tiny and you have to enlarge and shrink the page many times just to find a contact phone number.

Our sites are built to be easy to view on everything. We don't use separate pages or sub-sites for mobiles. When you come to update your website only one page needs to be changed - cheaper for you and easier for us.