Web Design & Development

About Speedalight

Speedalight is a web design company established in 2000 by Paul Warrick. Our number one priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

We have clients all over the UK - have a look at our portfolio page - and their areas of business vary from lawyers to artists. So we tailor our design and functionality to fit the client. We build every site from scratch and develop it to fit our client and his/her business.

We will provide a Content Management Website but we try and explain to our clients the pros and cons of this avenue. Have a look at our page on CMS.

We design sites that look as good on a Desktop PC as it does on a mobile and build responsive websites that do this. we do not build separate mobile sites. That is too cumbersome and involves us and the client in more time and expense when it comes to updating the website.

Expense is another major focus of the the business. We don't want our clients to have to spend a fortune developing their online profile. Our charges are competitive and reasonable. Talk to us, without obligation, and find out more.

(Illustration with thanks to Al Moore)